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From the time most people take their first trip on a plane they’re hooked. Flying miles over the world. Everything looks so small. It’s like nothing else matters when you’re up there. If you think riding a plane is amazing, just imagine how much more it would be if you had the chance to fly one! Through my good friends Flight Smart, we can provide you with your first flight experience. This is not just for pilots, it’s for anyone who has ever wished to take part in the magical experience of flight.

Your Flight

Your first flight is going to be great, let us walk you through it. There are 2 people per flight, and the total combined weight cannot exceed 400lbs. You will receive a hands-On aircraft orientation, education, and preflight procedures. A professional flight instructor will conduct a guided lesson on how to taxi and takeoff. After take off, embrace the views as you embark on an exciting 45 minutes flight over beautiful Orlando area. We will fly over to Disney Springs, Epcot Center, Sea World, Universal Studios, and downtown Orlando. We partnered with the best flight training school in Central Florida. It is with great honor I recommend Flight Smart Pilot Training to my friends and family, I know they will be in great hands. They are based out of Kissimmee Gateway Airport, and best of all this first flight experience is perfect for all Ages! Elementary – Senior Citizens.

Your Aircraft

You will be flying on the wings of the eagle. The aircraft is a Piper PA-28-161, Cherokee Warrior II. With it’s sleek low wings, high visibility, and speeds of up to 160 Knots, the Cherokee is one of the best known aircraft for training. Fly the Eagle!

Fly Today

Today we as a culture are moving away from spending money on things, and spending it on experiences instead. Add flying a aircraft to your list of experiences! If you’ve always had a passion for aviation, or you want to give somebody a gift they will never forget book a flight today!

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