My First Solo with Flight Smart

This my first solo alongside my Chief Instructor and founder of Fly Smart Felipe Sierra. In the video I do two Solo full stop landings in an uncontrolled airport, Winter Haven Gilbert Airport. Then we fly back to Kissimmee Gateway Airport to finish the ceremonial traditions of a student pilot! (The water was freezing!) lol. Getting to my first Solo was a great feet for me, and was a long journey. I joke in the video and say “I have been waiting for this moment my whole life,” but in many ways that’s true. I am so grateful for Felipe capturing this special moment in my life.

I started my aviation career about 2 years ago, and I have studied at flight schools and with private instructors. Becoming a pilot is a fulfilling  but expensive career and sadly I have witnessed how many flight schools have lost the vision on flight training. Caring only about the business side of things. Forgetting about the students and staff members; overprice training, poor costumer service, bad maintenance, promises that are not kept, unmotivated and underpaid flight instructors.

Before I started my flight training with Fly Smart I was a rusty, novice student pilot. I haven’t had flight instruction in over ten months, had about 35 hours, and soloed once before with a Cessna 172. When I first met Felipe he told me “Flying is our passion, the passion we convey to our students; a passion that is reflected in our planes, our staff, and our training.” I knew I was in good hands. Everything was transparent, he showed me around his facility, inside and out of their aircraft, their maintenance books, estimated prices and understood my goal of being a professional pilot. All of this before we went on our Venture Flight, Discovery Flight (First Flight Lesson).

Learning to fly is one of the most rewarding adventures in life. I recommend for everyone at least one time in their life to have a flight lesson. Experience the power of taking off the ground with your hands on the throttle. If you’ve always had a passion for aviation, or you want to give somebody a gift they will never forget book a lesson today.

First Flight Lesson

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