The first Branded Human

michael | 05.09.2017

My involvement with Branded Humans is as much personal as it is professional. Branded Humans is a small creative studio providing websites, management, and marketing. I was there from the beginning, when the idea was first getting formulated. I was the first Branded Human.

Since 2010 small businesses had no online presence, but they knew they needed it. Now, the businesses that do have websites and social media accounts, aren’t utilizing it to the fullest potential. I’ve always had ideas of businesses but have never had a real way of executing on them. Through my conversations with my best friend and Creative Director, Christian Perez, he helped me organize my ideas and come up with a way to turn them into real businesses. What came about those conversations was not just one startup, but two. Aircraft Travels and Aircraft Detailer were born. The first is a brand aimed at spreading the culture and lifestyle of General Aviation. The second brand is aimed at professional cleaning of aircrafts. Seeing how we were able to develop these brands, I grew convicted to help others through this same process.

The Branded Humans process is unique in the way that it approaches design, marketing strategies, and websites. It takes a minimalistic and modern approach to design. Always following the rule of ‘less is more’ it makes sure to focus on what is most important and doesn’t use flashy gimmicks. The marketing follows this same principle, focusing on organic strategies like story telling. Through content marketing Branded Humans is able to connect brands with their followers and build real relationships. Branded Humans brings these elements together under our a custom built website platform. An elegant, content focused, and feature rich system that allows brands to build their online presence. Social media platforms are growing everyday and they do a great job of bringing people to your brand, but they also do a great job of bringing those same people to thousands of other brands as well. Small companies need a place where they can engage with their users and keep full control of their brand’s experience.

Branded Humans helped me build my startup , and now I help others do the same. The process goes as such; we have a sit down to talk about the brand you’re trying to start, we get you started with our website platform within a week, offer monthly website management as well as marketing, and with that you have everything to get started building your brand. We are your digital branding team. If you’re like me and have always wanted to launch a  business, or have had a business and would like to grow your online presence, reach out to me and let’s start building your brand today.

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