The Journey of a Pilot who Builds & Develops Brands

michael | 12.20.2016

I’ve always been a lead salesperson, from my first job at Rita’s Italian Ice store, to working retail for big brands like Armani, Michael Kors, and JPMorgan Chase.

Over the years, I realized that what made me excel as a salesperson was that I truly believed in their brand’s culture, service and product.

This allowed me to build a genuine connection with these brands, always resulting in successful increases in revenue and brand awareness.

Alongside my team, I’ve had the opportunity to use my sales experience and apply it to creative entrepreneurs. Working alongside them to help capitalize on their brands, and create sustainable businesses.

Realizing that I myself had a brand as a pilot, I established my own platform where I am able to show my passion for aviation, love for traveling, and enthusiasm for making new connections. As a pilot you never stop learning and sharpening your skills, so follow me while we experience our growth conquering new horizons. I’ll be showing you exclusive projects with innovative brands, sharing the whole journey with the lessons learned along the way.

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